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Is your integrated marketing really joined-up?

So what do you want your marketing to achieve? Acquire new customers? Keep the ones you have? Engage them in new, more profitable ways? Or claw back those customers who may have gone elsewhere? Perhaps you’re looking to launch a new brand or product onto the market. Talk to Jump and we’ll help you join up your most relevant brand and response channels to send the right messages to the right audiences at just the right time for your biggest return on investment. And when it comes to joining up the communication lines between you, your other agencies and your partners, you’ll find no one more co-operative, proactive and focussed on meeting your deadlines and exceeding your ambitions than Jump.

Whether it’s more clicks, more calls, sales or leads, we’ll always put your customer first by thinking like they do. Only by truly understanding them, what you’re selling and how it compares to your competitors’ offers can we create a truly compelling reason to buy from you.

Direct Response

From the formulation of data and segmentation strategies to the development of customer journey plans, our focus is always your bottom line. It’s not just the best way when joining together the plan for your acquisition, retention or customer management campaign, it’s the only way. And it’s just one of the factors that’s successfully helped us achieve brilliant results using direct response TV, press, direct mail, inserts and online communications for our clients.

Brand Response

There’s a compelling proposition behind every great brand; an impossible-to-resist reason to buy. We’ll work with you to make sure your customers get that reason and grow a real affinity with your brand.

Companies large and small have all benefitted from our proposition development workshops, which join up real insights with tangible outcomes to ensure your brand occupies a better position. We’ve also created brands from nothing, developed fledgling brands and taken existing market-leading challengers to even better places. And in every case,  whether creating visual identities, producing brand strategies or writing tone of voice documents, we never forget our response roots – that’s why any brand work carried out with you by Jump has real customer insight at its heart and your bottom line as the ultimate focus.

Digital Response

Today’s digital marketplace presents consumers with more choice, interaction, value and convenience than ever before. And with ever-increasing take-up of social media, it’s placed the balance of power back into the consumers’ hands. That means your brand has to be more joined-up in its thinking – more robust, more flexible, more responsive and in many ways, more human than ever before. We build websites, engineer email campaigns and implement online and social media strategies to make sure those fickle customers not only stay loyal to you, but also recommend you to an even wider audience.

The Bottom Line

We love creating the big campaigns. We love carrying out the strategies we’ve built with clients. But the bottom line is, nothing inspires us more than increasing your profit margins. So, as we’re busy unravelling what will generate the biggest impact from your brand, direct and digital channels, we’re always focussed on joining up your marketing to create your maximum ROI.

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