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Jet2 /// email crm campaign

Jump were asked to carry out an email CRM campaign for the low-cost airline Jet2 – and possibly finished off a valued copywriter in the process! The customer database was initially split into three separate audiences: families, couples and non-family groups. Then a further layer of personalisation was added by slicing the audience into those who’d booked with our client before, those with another live booking and those who’d never booked.

What we did

///  Adding yet another level of personalisation, we took into account over 15 more variables depending on behaviour such as whether people had ever booked a meal into account; whether they ordered in-flight entertainment; where they had previously visited and whether they had booked a hire car, amongst many other things.

///  To turn up the pressure, our client’s deadlines were extremely tight and they needed not only accuracy, but a very quick response. And by this time, our copywriter felt he had earned his crust for the year – but he wasn’t finished!

///  All the previous variables were then collated to enable our client to speak to customers on 5 separate occasions in a highly engaging and relevant manner.

///  In total, we ended up with 1 spreadsheet containing 1235 cells which in turn, contained 61,750 carefully crafted words. If you ever see a sad looking copywriter mooching about outside the Response Ranch with stumps for fingers and an aversion to excel, please buy him a cup of hot soup and give him a supportive cuddle.


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