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Europlus Direct /// responsive site design and build

Europlus Direct are a global leader in IBM and Lenovo maintenance support contracts. Their multi-lingual sales and support team work with IT managers responsible for the maintenance to essential equipment, where the manufacturer warranty is about to expire.

Their website is an essential communication tool which helps to build confidence with new clients, and allows them to communicate the key benefits of what they do.

Our task was to scope out, design and build a brand new fully responsive website to not only align the Europlus Direct brand with their new corporate sales partner Lenovo, but also allow them to convert more prospects into customers, across several continents.

What we did

/// We began by identifying who the key target audiences were, from technology vendors to IT managers.

/// We structured the simplest and quickest user journeys for each audience to allow each group to find what they needed and to ensure Europlus converted more unique visitors.

/// Jump simultaneously refreshed the Europlus brand in line with their biggest partner to build confidence with new customers, who up until that point had little awareness of Europlus.

The fully mobile responsive site is built on a platform that allows it to be delivered successfully in multiple languages.


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