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Callcredit /// Noddle infographic

Right here’s where you’ll find the full infographic.

As a communications agency, Jump specialises in getting the right message to the right people. Which means rightly so, we love infographics; the task of distilling sometimes complicated information into a more digestible, entertaining and of course, comprehendible, is surely one of the most satisfying creative briefs. We’re becoming old hands at these for a number of clients and this one for Noddle, promoting their free credit report is just one of many we’ve done for Callcredit.

From mortgage lenders to banks and utility companies, prospective employers, insurance companies and mobile network and phone providers, the list of organisations and people who check your credit report is long. Which is why, whatever you do, whatever your income your credit report should be as important to you as it is to others. This is the insight that fuelled our ‘Whatever your walk of life’ concept.

What we did

/// Jump distilled a lot of information into the vital digestible nuggets that would trigger key thoughts why someone might want to get hold of their credit report.

/// We created a number of routes based on the insight that your credit report is vital, no matter what your walk of life.

/// We created various formats of the infographic to be used both online and offline.

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