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Callcredit /// Fraud Summit event

The Royal Institution of Great Britain, is a magnificent setting for any important event. And to have ex Director General of MI5, Dame Stella Rimington, DCB, appear as a keynote speaker is a real coup. That’s why it was an honour for Jump Response to be tasked with creating and implementing the branding for Callcredit’s 9th annual Fraud Summit.

With a theme titled, The Evolution of Trust, jumped were tasked to create a standout look and feel that was not only relevant to the idea of ‘evolution’, but also represent the broader subject of fraud.

After throwing away the usual Darwinian ‘ape-to-man’ representation of evolution in the bin marked ‘hackneyed or expected’, the guys in Jump Studio played around with the idea that fraud was essentially a game of smoke and mirrors. This gave us the start of a visual nugget to develop and tie-in the evolution element, which essentially came from the fact that smoke (and in some of the executions we created to achieve a more ‘solid’ look, ink in water) constantly change state or evolve.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 17.22.48Different executions were created for the headline event itself and the four main subjects covered in the Summit, including Public Sector, Consumer, Technology and Data.

The hashtag, #fraudsummit15 was featured on social media, allowing people at the Summit to post their experiences and those not attending to follow events remotely.

What we did

/// Jump rolled out the ident initially on brochureware and email content.

/// We also produced the creative to be implemented on several lightboxes at The Royal Institute, ranging in size from just under a metre to over 3m high and 7m in length.

/// Lastly, we artworked and created more then 30 separate elements to be used on the day and beyond, including name badges, signage, badges, online ads and site content.

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